Jim Parsons Fought to Keep Mayim Bialik on Big Bang Theory: 'I will not let this character go!'

"There was some negative attention when I joined the cast, because some people held Sheldon very near and dear to them and didn't want him to change or become a cheesy boyfriend," Bialik shared in the new book.

Parsons recalled thinking of Bialik's addition to the show in the season three finale, "I will not let this character go without a fight!"
"That was notable for me, only in that I almost never disagreed with the writers."

"At some point, I felt a certain way about working with Mayim that I was like, if for whatever reason we seemed to be weaning her off of this show as a character, I would go and talk to them."

"After my episode in the season three finale, I literally thought my character might never come back. I had been out of the industry for so long … it really could have gone either way," Bialik remembered.

"The week that I was offered a regular contract, I had told my manager, 'I think this is my last episode; I think they're done with me and have done all they want to do with my character.' 

And that made me really sad. I told my manager, and she called me back later that day and said, 'You're not going to believe what call I just got. They'd like to offer you a full position as a regular!'"

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