Baking Bliss & Cuddles Galore! | Vlogmas Day 20


In this vlogmas video, Kate and Sar come together for a fun cooking session, filled with lots of snuggles and warmth. The video showcases the duo's festive spirit as they prepare holiday-inspired dishes.

The video starts with Kate and Sar setting up their kitchen for the cooking session. They are both wearing cozy Christmas sweaters and Santa hats, creating a joyful atmosphere. They begin by sharing their excitement for the holiday season and express gratitude for their viewers, who have been following their vlogmas journey.

The cooking adventure commences with Kate and Sar deciding to make a traditional holiday dish - gingerbread cookies. They gather all the necessary ingredients and start mixing them in a large bowl. Throughout the process, they share tips and tricks to achieve the perfect gingerbread dough consistency.


As they roll out the dough and cut it into festive shapes, the duo engages in playful banter and laughter. Their chemistry on screen is evident as they effortlessly work together. Alongside baking cookies, they also prepare a hot cocoa recipe. They share secrets to making a delicious and indulgent hot chocolate, adding various toppings such as whipped cream and marshmallows.

While the gingerbread cookies are baking in the oven, Kate and Sar take a moment to embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy some quality snuggle time. They cozy up on the couch, sipping their hot cocoa, and engage in heartwarming conversation. The bond between the two is apparent as they reminisce about past holiday memories and express their love for each other.


After their brief snuggle session, the cookies are ready, and the kitchen is filled with the delightful aroma of freshly baked gingerbread. Kate and Sar showcase their beautifully decorated cookies, highlighting each unique design. As they indulge in the delicious treats, they express their satisfaction with their baking efforts.

To wrap up the video, Kate and Sar thank their viewers for joining them on this cooking adventure and wish everyone a joyful holiday season. They express their gratitude for the love and support they have received throughout vlogmas and promise more content to come.

Overall, this vlogmas video captures the festive atmosphere as Kate and Sar come together to cook holiday treats and share heartwarming moments of love and friendship. The video leaves viewers feeling warm, cozy, and ready to embrace the holiday season.


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