Adele Asks Fans to Explain #Scandoval to Her: 'I've Got No Idea'

#Scandoval has made its way to .

During one of her recent Weekends with Adele residency concerts in Las Vegas, the Grammy winner asked fans to explain star 's cheating scandal to her, as she doesn't watch the Bravo reality series.

The "Easy on Me" musician, 35, was in the midst of bantering with some of her audience members when the topic of and SUR Restaurant came up in conversation. Having never seen the show, Adele was curious.

"The other day my friend was like, 'No, they really do restaurants or something.' So is it related to the TV show, and what does the guy do that cheated?" she asked the attendee, who had no clue, according to a .

"Me neither. I've got no idea," said Adele, turning to other audience members for more information. "Does anyone know anything about that stuff? What does the man do? What does that man do?"

A man in the crowd simply described Sandoval as "trash," and the British musician agreed. "He tries to sing, and he's no Adele," the fan told her.

"So, it's a restaurant TV show, but he tries to sing and then cheats?" she asked.

The fan elaborated, "He's on the TV show pretending to be a server. He wants to be an entertainer now."

"Ah, OK. Like most of L.A.," joked Adele. "Whenever I get served at a restaurant, someone tries to slide me a demo."

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Sandoval had an affair with costar  that ultimately ended his nine-year relationship with .

Fellow star recently referred to the scandal as "a terrifying monster that's taken on a life of its own now" on the Fox competition series

He probably feels his thoughts are even more valid now — since it's reached Adele's ears.

Adele's had several notable moments of conversation with her audiences at The Colosseum in Las Vegas as of late. Over the weekend, she addressed the implosion that claimed the lives of , OceanGate CEO , pilot  and  expert .

In a video from the concert that was shared on , Adele described the incident as “so sad and so tragic," and asked the audience their views on traveling to the bottom of the ocean to visit the  wreckage.

"Everyone’s like, 'I would never do that.' But that’s a lie, 'cause a lot of people would do that,” she continued. 

She proceeded to ask the audience who would have gone to the bottom of the ocean to visit the  wreckage, prior to the recent tragedy.

"I wanna do a vote," Adele said. "Not in mind of what happened, 'cause that was so sad and so tragic — but before this week, how many people would, if they could, would go down to the very, very bottom of the ocean to see the ? Raise your hands."

After a series of cheers were heard and hands raised from the audience, Adele said, "See, I knew it! Turn the lights on so I can see the balconies…that's a very good proportion." She then asked how many wouldn’t, which prompted the audience to react more loudly. Adele’s pianist, who sat behind her, also raised his hand in response.

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