Keith Urban Scored His First Number One Song 22 Years Ago Today

Today marks the 22th anniversary of Keith Urban's initial success on the Billboard Country Singles chart with his hit song "But For The Grace Of God." Having been involved in the country music industry for a significant period, I vividly recall attending a vibrant celebration at Nashville's ASCAP headquarters on Music Row, dedicated to Keith's first number one track. Although Keith wasn't yet a household name at the time, it was evident to everyone present that he possessed immense potential. Nashville regularly hosts Number One parties, and they never fail to provide a great time. Moreover, the party attendees were in for an additional treat as Jane Wiedlin, a co-writer of the song and a member of the renowned rock band the G0-Go's, graced the event with her presence. While I cannot recall whether Keith gave a speech during the festivities, I distinctly remember his excitement about making a mark as a solo artist following his previous work with his former band, the Ranch, and his contributions as a guitarist for The Dixie Chicks. Back in 2001, Keith exuded charm (which he undoubtedly still does) when he kicked off the "Neon Circus Tour" with Brooks and Dunn. To commemorate the time period that propelled him to country music superstardom, I have gathered some delightful pictures from this era. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of "But For The Grace Of God," it is remarkable to see how far Keith Urban has come and the enduring impact his music has had on the country music scene.

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