Sylvester Stallone Inspired Ken According to Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig recently discussed how actor Sylvester Stallone served as the inspiration for the character Ken in the Barbie movie. During a panel at the Directors Guild of America Theater following a special screening of Barbie, Gerwig shared that Stallone had a significant impact on Ryan Gosling's portrayal of Ken. The director revealed that both Gosling and Stallone share a love for the iconic action star. In fact, Ken's full patriarchy ensemble in the movie was inspired by Stallone's unique fashion choices. Gerwig explained, "We spent a lot of time thinking and talking about it, and he and I really did.

His faux mink came straight from Sylvester Stallone's incredible outfits." Stallone, known for his distinct style, became a style icon in the '70s and '80s with his luxurious fur coats. This extravagant fashion sense caught Gerwig's attention and served as another source of inspiration for Ken's character. The director expressed, "When I think of men adorned with extravagance, he's probably the best example." She drew parallels between Stallone's fashion choices and Ken's desire for a life filled with indulgence and luxury. Gerwig stated, "I believe that Ken was always a man in search of adornment. So, it became evident that Stallone was the perfect reference for us.

We even discussed particular moments in his films that we loved." While Gerwig didn't delve into specific details, she mentioned that Stallone influenced the creation of Ken's powerful ballad, "I'm Just Ken." This emotional song focuses on Ken's quest for identity separate from Barbie and his longing for recognition. Stallone took notice of Gerwig's directorial work and reached out to compliment her. Gerwig expressed her gratitude, saying, "I felt incredibly honored by his support." The viral success of "I'm Just Ken" speaks for itself, gaining popularity on TikTok and even making its way onto the Billboard Hot 100.

Aside from Stallone, Gerwig openly discussed other sources of inspiration for the Barbie movie. In an interview with Letterboxd, she expressed how several classic films, such as Singing in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, and Grease, influenced her approach to the blockbuster hit. In her next project, Gerwig is working on a Netflix adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia. It's clear that her ability to draw inspiration from various sources and her dedication to bringing characters to life with authenticity have made her a respected and innovative director. Source: People

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