Jessica Simpson said Ryan Gosling made a bet with Justin Timberlake when they were 12 about who would kiss her first, and Justin texted Ryan immediately after he won

Jessica Simpson revealed a surprising story during her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" when she spoke about a "nostalgic kiss" she shared with Justin Timberlake. The moment was ruined when Timberlake immediately texted Ryan Gosling, saying, "I won the bet." Simpson, who knew both Timberlake and Gosling from their time on "The Mickey Mouse Club," explained that she reconnected with Timberlake as adults. According to Simpson, the two shared a kiss at her house after Timberlake's divorce and subsequent breakup. However, the moment quickly turned sour when Timberlake pulled out his phone and began typing. Simpson wondered if he was texting another girl or if she had done something wrong. It turns out that Timberlake and Gosling had made a bet as children about who would kiss Simpson first. "He texted Ryan and said he won the bet," Simpson revealed. Disappointed, she declared, "Oh okay, we don't kiss again, that's done!"

In her new autobiography, "Open Book," Simpson goes into more detail about the incident. She admitted that she didn't inform either Timberlake or Gosling beforehand that she would be sharing this story with the world. During her conversation with Kimmel, Simpson also mentioned that she didn't make it onto "The Mickey Mouse Club." However, during the audition process, she developed a crush on Gosling because he was Canadian. She described him as "so cool" and was charmed by the fact that he hailed from Canada. Simpson's candid revelations have captivated fans and readers worldwide, as she has been sharing many personal stories through her autobiography.

She recently shared a photo on social media depicting a beam of light in her backyard, coincidentally occurring in the same area where Kobe Bryant's helicopter crashed. Additionally, Simpson opened up about her decision to quit drinking after an incident where she became too intoxicated to dress her kids for Halloween. Furthermore, she expressed feeling "floored and embarrassed" after John Mayer referred to her as "sexual napalm." It seems that Jessica Simpson's openness and willingness to share personal stories have endeared her to many, as her autobiography continues to gain attention. Fans eagerly await further insight into her life as she fearlessly addresses the ups and downs she has experienced throughout her career and personal journey.

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