Keira Knightley on Upcoming 10-Year Wedding Anniversary with Husband James Righton: 'It's a Miracle'

is celebrating the rollercoaster of marriage with a major milestone.

The Oscar nominee, 37, joked "" that she's about to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with husband as she and costar appeared on this week.

"Yeah, we made it. We made it," said Knightley. "We have two children, and we've made it a decade. It's a miracle."

She and Righton, 39, a British musician, began dating in 2011, and they two years later in Mazan, France, on May 4, 2013. The couple shares daughters , 7, and , 3.

"I met my husband in a very drunken way," Knightley recalled. "We were very drunk for our first few dates, so we don't really remember them."

After Barrymore, 48, brought up their mutual love of rollercoasters, Knightley said that for their "first proper date," Righton "sweetly decided to take me to a theme park" outside of London with "amazing rollercoasters."

"But he didn't tell me that he's completely terrified — like, completely," she recounted. "So he was so white and shaking and sweating, and we actually have a picture from our first date on the massive rollercoaster."

"And I'm just like — the happiness, like, 'This is the most amazing thing!' and he literally looks like he's going to die. And he's looked like that ever since," joked Knightley.

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Knightley previously told PEOPLE about their daughters and how she encourages their rebellious spirit, as she knows they "" her advice.

"I really hope that they don't listen to me when they're teenagers, and they pile [makeup] on their faces, and they do completely extraordinary punk-like things," said Knightley last April. "Because that's the point of being a teenager."

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