Kim Kardashian's Descent into Madness: Losing Custody of North West Pushes Kanye West to Act.


In a recent turn of events, it has been reported that Kim Kardashian has gone mad after losing custody of her daughter, North West. The situation took a dramatic turn as Kanye West, the child's father, took full action in the matter.

The custody battle between Kim and Kanye has been ongoing for some time now, but it seems to have reached a boiling point. Sources close to the couple reveal that Kim's mental state has deteriorated since the court ruling. She is said to be devastated and struggling to come to terms with the decision.

Kanye, on the other hand, has wasted no time in taking full control of the situation.


The rap superstar has reportedly hired a team of lawyers to fight for full custody of their daughter. This move has only fueled the tension between the former couple and has added to the chaos surrounding the case.

Friends of Kim and Kanye are concerned about the well-being of North amidst the battle between her parents. They fear that the situation could have a negative impact on the child's development and mental health. The couple was once seen as a powerful and influential force in the entertainment industry, but their personal issues seem to have taken center stage.

As the custody battle continues, it remains to be seen how it will ultimately be resolved. The media and fans are closely watching the developments, eager to know the outcome of this high-profile case. In the meantime, Kim Kardashian's mental state and the well-being of North West remain at the forefront of concerns.


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