Keira Knightley reveals plans to copyright her FACE amid AI concerns

She's the face of Coco while also starring in Hollywood hits such as Pride and Prejudice.

And will let nothing away from her - especially Artificial intelligence.

Amid the current writers and actors' strikes in America, fuelled by the studio's use of to replace human actors, the 38-year-old plans to copyright her face.

The British actress said: 'At the moment for actresses, the concern is about , and they're trying to protect the voice-over industry.

'I don't know where that's at but I know that's the negotiation. But I imagine the next step will be to copyright my face.

Fears: Keira Knightley will not let Artificial intelligence take her successful acting career away from her. Amid the Hollywood strikes, the 38-year-old plans to copyright her face

'AI has the potential to be catastrophic and I hope governments come in and regulate it,' she added.

Studios including the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Apple are proposing to use AI to replace humans with digital scans where an actor's likeness can be superimposed over a stunt double.

Hollywood actors and writers are currently united in their first 'double strike' in more than 60 years vowing they will protect every worker in the industry from being replaced by AI.

It comes as celebrities are increasingly targets of deepfake technology, which can use their voices and likeness for everything from advertisements to sham songs and pornography.

Actor Bruce Willis, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in March last year, was deepfaked into 'appearing' in an ad where he was tied to a bomb on the back of a yacht, growling Mississippi in a Russian accent.

The question, 'Who owns Bruce Willis' became a concern for SAG-AFTRA last year and began fighting against contracts that exploited their member's naivety about AI.

Ms Knightley, who recently starred in Ridley Scott's Boston Strangler, will not allow herself to be replicated and likes to have control over her projects.

Plans: Ms Knightley, who recently starred in Ridley Scott's Boston Strangler (pictured), will not allow herself to be replicated and likes to have control over her projects

The Bend It Like Beckham star has 55 five films under her belt and recently worked with Ridley Scott for his project the Boston Strangler which was well-received by critics.

She recently dropped out of starring in the Apple TV adaptation of Sarah Perry's historical novel The Essex Serpent to be with her family when COVID restrictions made getting childcare difficult.

The actress shares two daughters Edie and Delilah with her husband James Righton, keyboardist for the rave band Klaxons.

The two were married in 2013 in the South of France where she wore Chanel couture in a low-key ceremony with just 11 guests.

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