Caitriona Balfe details tense disagreements with her Outlander boss


Caitriona Balfe, the talented actress who portrays Claire Fraser in the hit TV series Outlander, recently opened up about her creative differences with the show's executive producer, Maril Davis. While the pair generally enjoy a harmonious working relationship, disagreements do arise when it comes to the evolution of Caitriona's character.

During the ATX TV Festival, Caitriona and Maril took the opportunity to engage with fans and discuss various aspects of the show. They talked about everything from directing to the dynamics between characters, generating excitement for the upcoming final season.


However, it was their conversation about on-set differences of opinion that truly captivated the audience. Caitriona emphasized that despite their disagreements, she and Maril always have the best interests of the show at heart. Their friendship and mutual respect lay the foundation for healthy debates, ensuring that the discord is constructive rather than destructive.

When conflicts arise, Caitriona revealed that she and Maril passionately defend their perspectives, presenting their cases in detail. They often find a compromise and try out both ideas—an approach that Caitriona views as fair and reasonable.

Fans eagerly await the return of Outlander in 2024, hoping for more captivating episodes and character development.


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