Keira Knightley: Unleashing Her Astonishing Dental Skillset - The Graham Norton Show Delight | BBC America


Keira Knightley showcased her amazing talent for showing off her teeth during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. The British actress impressed the audience and host with her ability to make her teeth appear huge and scary.

During her interview, Knightley was asked about her unique skill of widening her smile to reveal a row of enormous teeth. She joked that she often scares people with this ability and described it as her "party trick." To demonstrate, she grinned widely, revealing a set of teeth that seemed abnormally large compared to her petite face.

The audience burst into laughter and applause, while Norton and fellow guests on the show were in awe of Knightley's tremendous toothy talent. Norton even noted that her teeth were "amazingly big."


Knightley, who is known for her roles in period dramas and romantic films, also shared that she often gets asked if she wears false teeth for her roles. However, she revealed that her teeth are actually her own and that she has never had any dental work done.

The actress further added that her talent for widening her smile comes in handy during auditions. She joked that it helps her stand out from other actors and potentially secures her roles.

Knightley's fun and light-hearted interview was well-received by the audience and viewers watching at home. It provided a chance for the actress to showcase a different side of her personality and demonstrate her charming and humorous nature.


The article highlights Knightley's unique talent for widening her smile to reveal a row of large teeth, which she jokingly refers to as her "party trick." It explains how she impressed the audience and host on The Graham Norton Show with this skill. Knightley also clarifies that her teeth are her own and not the result of any dental work.

The article further mentions how Knightley's toothy talent helps her during auditions, adding a playful element to her performances and potentially setting her apart from other actors.

Overall, the article emphasizes Knightley's tremendous toothy talent and her ability to captivate audiences with her charming and humorous personality.


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