Johnny Galecki Had One Major Concern Continuing The Big Bang Theory Without Jim Parsons


Melissa Rauch Felt Sorry For Jim Parsons During His Meeting With The Cast That Announced His Exit

The cast of The Big Bang Theory arrived for season 12, and most of the cast figured that a renewal would be discussed at some point for the following season. However, Jim Parsons was thinking otherwise. The actor revealed that he felt like a liar during the first table read, and knew he had to reveal the information that it would be his last season.

Jim got the cast together behind the scenes and revealed season 12 would be his last - this also meant the end of the road for the show, as there was no interest in continuing on without the actor.

As expected, the moment was not an easy one for the cast. Melissa Rauch in particular felt sorry for Jim Parsons.


"As someone who I love and care about, I saw how difficult it was for him as he was telling us how he felt," she shared. "But Jim was so sweet about it and spoke from the heart, and it was totally understandable that he was ready to move on."

Simon Helberg added his own opinion about the moment, calling it upsetting that Jim Parsons is blamed for ending the show.

"In terms of the actual, I guess what you could call the cancellation of the show, that occurred in [that] meeting, where we were informed by Chuck that the show was done. That's what I found to be the most upsetting. Jim didn't cancel our show. Jim just finished the run of our show as we all did, contractually, and no one ever asked us to continue doing the show. That is not an exaggeration."


It seems like the cast didn't contemplate continuing on either, and that includes Johnny Galecki.

Johnny Galecki Admitted His Performance Wouldn't Be The Same Without Jim Parsons

Johnny Galecki revealed to being stunned by the announcement. It wasn't what he expected, especially given that Jim Parsons hadn't discussed his true feelings with the cast prior.

Nonetheless, similar to the showrunners, Johnny Galecki did not see a path forward with Parsons playing the role of Sheldon. In particular, Johnny revealed that is performance would suffer had the show gone on without Jim.


"I don't think I could have performed in the way I wanted to, or would want to, if we did continue. I was done myself, I think. I didn't really know how to serve the character or the great writing anymore," he explained. "But none of us — the actors, writers — were comfortable with doing the show without one of us. And we absolutely would not continue on without Jim."

A season 13 did not take place and most fans can agree, it was the correct decision given Jim's departure.

Although He Was Shocked By The News, Johnny Galecki Hugged Jim Parsons After His Exit Announcement

In the moment of Jim's announcement, Galecki put his true feelings aside and hugged his fellow co-star. However, Johnny was truly torn during the moment, especially watching cast member Kaley Cuoco completely break down. Galecki would go on to reveal that he wished Parsons gave the cast a little more of a warning.


"It could have been handled better. We're a family; have a conversation. And I don't even disagree with how Jim felt, because in many ways, I felt the same way. I just disagreed with how it was managed."

"I was shocked. We were just blindsided that day. And not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us."

Kaley Cuoco in particular had a tough time dealing with the reality of the show coming to an end. The actress also contemplated not showing to the tapings the following day out of frustration given that Parsons' announcement blindsided her. Thankfully, everyone was able to calm down, and the show enjoyed a great final episode.


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