Justin Bieber offers to help Brittney Griner get back to the U.S. 'in anyway' he can

There are many celebrities who have been reacting to in Russian prison for drug possession and smuggling. But perhaps very few have directly offered their help like Justin Bieber has. That's right, the ' Peaches' composer often talks about consuming cannabis in his songs, he is obviously empathetic to the cause and he wants to do something in order to help.

Contrary to other celebrities who simply demand for her release, Bieber took to his Instagram stories to directly offer help in any way he can. Although other celebrities would surely help if they could do anything in order to bring back to the United States. From this moment forward, we will see how most of the country rallies in order to bring the WNBA star back to her home.

What did Justin Bieber say about Brittney Griner?

Although Justin was a little bit cryptic with his message, the singer did upload an Instagram story with Brittney Griner's picture and the breaking news of her sentence. Bieber believes this has been an unfair ruling like most of the people who are having their say on the matter. But Bieber is sending a message to whoever has the power to do something through his social media that boasts an impressive 457 million followers.

This is what Bieber wrote in his Instagram story: "THIS HURTS. If anyone knows of anyway I can help, please let me know." We are not certain in which way Justin Bieber can help but at least he is making an effort to do something instead of making demands or criticizing the WNBA star.

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