Tyson Fury's trainer invites Justin Bieber to be boxing's new Jake Paul

's emergence in boxing has undoubtedly been one of the biggest controversies in the sport at least in recent years, an influencer turned athlete who leads stellar fights despite the criticism of many. Can you imagine pop star following in the footsteps of The Problem Child?

For some this idea is not so far-fetched, including screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard, who has seen Bieber's boxing training for the film about Ukrainian fighter Dmitry Salita.

Fury's trainer would agree to work with Bieber

Likewise, Tyson Fury's trainer, SugarHill Steward, thinks the same as Howard and confessed that he would agree to train Bieber to make him a better boxer, thus following in the footsteps of his late uncle Emanuel, who long ago taught Eminem how to box.

"I would definitely have Justin Bieber in camp because Emanuel [Steward] was teaching Eminem so it's no different. I like to teach and it doesn't matter who I teach at this point. I just like teaching, I enjoy it," Steward told Betway.

But that's not all, as Steward thinks he could turn the singer into a very good boxer, noting that so far he has worked hard to learn more about the sport.

"I would be very open to not only teaching Justin Bieber how to box but teaching him how to knock guys out. I think he'd get on well [in the gym]. He's a successful entertainer so he's worked hard to get to this point. So being in camp would not be anything less than he's been doing his whole life. In my training camp we also have fun. It's a family-oriented gym," the coach said.

Justin Bieber sparring with Tyson Fury?

Faced with the possibility of Bieber sparring with Tyson Fury, Steward assures that it is a nonsense idea, but in his gym there are many other fighters with whom the Canadian can improve his skills.

"I don't know about Tyson Fury but I've got some other world champions Bieber can get in there with. Definitely, Bieber can learn something from being in the ring and sparring with champions," Steward said.

Besides, in case JB accepts Steward's invitation, the singer would have the opportunity to train alongside real world champions.

"That's something we've always done growing up... we've had world champions boxing with pure novices, doesn't matter. It's not about beating them up, it's about teaching them and at the same time the champion can work on something himself," Steward said.

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