“They’re real animals!”: Jennifer Lawrence Was Scarred For Life By Chris Hemsworth’s Family After Witnessing Their Extreme Aggression Toward Each Other


Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has worked with numerous A-listers over the past seventeen years of her career. She stepped into the Hollywood entertainment industry with guest roles on TV. She gained worldwide recognition with her portrayal of the mutant Mystique in the film series which was released between 2011 and 2019.

Jennifer Lawrence became the second-youngest actress to have won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of a young troubled widow in David O. Russell’s 2012 rom-com . That same year, she also starred as Katniss Everdeen in film series alongside Liam Hemsworth. While working on the series together, the co-stars developed a strong bond, and Lawrence made some rather hilarious claims about the actor’s family.


Jennifer Lawrence Called Chris Hemsworth and His Family Animals

film trilogy, based on Suzanne Collins’ book trilogy of the same name, stars numerous A-listers including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Josh Hutcherson, and many others. The film series went on to become one of the highest-grossing series of all time.

During her appearance on the talk show , Lawrence revealed that besides being great actors and brothers, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth are disgusting


. She said:

“His whole family, they’re real animals,” she said. “It’s the craziest family I’ve been around in my life. The way that they communicate is so physical and crazy. It’s like, ‘Eat this scab and I’ll give you five bucks!’  

The actress went on to make an impression of the brothers’ wild antics. She even revealed that Chris Hemsworth had turned vegan to which the show’s host reacted by saying that it would be impossible for someone to be animalistic while simultaneously being vegan. Lawrence assured him that that was exactly the case.

has established herself as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She has starred in some of the most well-known movies now.


trilogy brought her unparalleled fame, but there was a point of time when she was hesitant about playing the role of Katniss Everdeen.

While talking to Lawrence revealed the reason behind her hesitance, saying:

“Because it’s really rare in your life that saying yes to something will completely change your life. I was happy with my life and I just didn’t know if I wanted it to change. I’ve always had this imaginary future in mind where I would be a soccer mom that drove a mini-van and my kids were normal and I had the same family that I grew up with. That just didn’t fit with taking on a giant franchise. So, I took three days, and each day was a different answer. I finally talked to my mom.”

The star’s mother made her understand that this was the kind of role that she actually wanted to do since she did not want to get involved with a project that she did not care about and the actress was an admirer of books.


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