'Just had a ton of...': When Jennifer Lawrence revealed what was her break ritual; said she would 'be a really good housekeeper'

Jennifer Lawrence's decision to take a hiatus from Hollywood was a noteworthy moment in her career. After a whirlwind rise to fame with numerous acclaimed roles and an Oscar win, she chose to step away from the spotlight to recharge and focus on her personal life. This break allowed Lawrence to explore other interests and priorities, including her advocacy for various social and political causes. It also emphasized the importance of self-care in a demanding industry. Her return to the big screen is eagerly awaited, as fans and critics alike look forward to witnessing her talent and evolution as an actress.

Jennifer Lawrence on her hiatus from Hollywood

Back in 2018 when decided to take a little break from Hollywood, she got candid and cracked some jokes about her time off from the industry during her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. When Colbert asked Lawrence, “In 2013, you were talking about wanting to take a break from the spotlight and acting. I guess you hadn’t made the decision to do so yet because you were sort of saying, ‘Oh, I’d like to be able to do that’, then I don’t know if it’s all the rum we drank and you said, ‘I’ve got to get out of here’, but you actually did it. What did you do? Did you have fun? What did you do for the last three years?”

Lawrence replied hilariously, “I just had a lot of s*x.” She continued, “I’m joking. I cooked a little. I mean, the pandemic happened, then I cooked and I cleaned a lot. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m ready’, and it ended up being four years. The math might be not right on that.” Colbert then asked, “If you didn’t do this, if you weren’t an actress, if you had taken a permanent break and never come back from that, what’s the backup plan for Jennifer Lawrence?” She said, “I think I would be a really good housekeeper. I make a mess, but I’m really good at cleaning it up. I can attack a mess.”

Jennifer Lawrence on stepping back

During the conversation, Colbert asked Lawrence, “Winter's Bone, you’re 19, then you worked constantly including winning an Oscar in there for ten years, and then after ten years, you said, ‘I want to step back’. What did you learn about yourself stepping back?” She said, “What I learned is so deep and profound. I always found comfort in a schedule doing something and being somewhere. And just kind of the comfort of being on set where the world is one thing and very organized. There’s not like people screaming and I think coming out of Hunger Games and all of that, it was nice. I took a break and nobody really cared and it was quiet and I got to like, I don’t know, kind of feel like I could become part of the world without fanfare.”

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