Chris Lane Releases Music Inspired by Kenny Chesney: 'I've Been Looking for a Song Like This My Whole Career'


took notes from one of his country music idols when recording his new song.

The said he's always been inspired by 's ability to produce a summer song that captures a moment. So when Lane was recording his latest track "Summer Job Money," he channeled Chesney's style.

"I am a huge fan," Lane tells PEOPLE exclusively. "He is king of these nostalgic summertime throwback songs, and I feel like my whole career I have been looking for a song like this."

On the track, Lane sings from a place of being older looking back on a summer job he had when he was 17 and where all of his money would have gone had he met a girl back then.


"17 me would probably blow all of this summer job money on you," Lane sings in the song's chorus. "On an I love you necklace, Friday night light halftime concessions, gas for the tank, Bud Light to drink, down at a high school party or two."

For Lane, the song strikes a chord because he had a summer job throughout and college working for his father's landscaping company — a job he still worked up until signing his record deal and moving to Nashville.

"A lot of times when songs can take you to a certain point in your life, it can bring back such fun memories," the


says. "I think that's what this song is going to do for hopefully a lot of people."

The release of "Summer Job Money" comes just one week after the release of Lane's other new song, "," which is more of an upbeat love song that tells the story of meeting someone new after a toxic relationship.

"Girl it's time to move on, scoot on over, you're looking like you could use a brand new shoulder," Lane sings. "Let your heartbreak take a holiday for a song or a drink or two anyways. I don't know him from Adam but I'm kind of mad at him for the way he did you. Yeah I could fill them boots, I could fill them boots, I could fill them boots if you want me to."


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Lane tells PEOPLE that he wrote the song during his "Big, Big Plans" tour two years ago, and that the track describes the dynamic he and his had in the early stages of their relationship.

"It was a song title I had in my phone for quite some time," Lane tells PEOPLE. "At the time, mine and Lauren's relationship was super early on and she was coming out of a terrible relationship. Not to be super cheesy, but I guess I was the guy who stepped in and was everything she had been looking for. I kind of filled those boots."



PEOPLE Every Day,

And in a month or so, Lane is going to fill a new pair of boots in his and Lauren's relationship: .

In January, the couple announced they were expecting a , due in early June. Now the idea of fatherhood is becoming more of a close reality to Lane, and even though he's feeling some first-time-fatherhood jitters, he still feels prepared from growing up around all boys and being an uncle to his 10-year-old nephew.

"Most brand new fathers-to-be are probably super nervous," he tells PEOPLE. "I think that's probably why I prayed so hard for a boy because I am not used to being around girls that much. To get my feet wet as a dad, I felt like it would be much easier with a boy than it would be with a girl. But now that we're having a boy, I'll be praying really hard for a girl the second time around because I know that's what Lauren really wants."


Chris says even though the baby won't be here for another month or so, Lauren "looks like she could pop any day" and he's postponed touring until after their son is born, with his first show back on the road being July 3 before he finishes up his tour with that was paused due to COVID this fall.

"I know a lot of artists are starting to tour now, but I am going to wait until I have my son," the country artist tells PEOPLE. "That way I can be super careful at home, don't catch COVID, and make sure that I am 1,000 percent there at the hospital the day he is born."


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