Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About New Home and Why She Can't Stop Flipping in First Interview Since End of Show


is opening up about her passion for designing stunning homes — lots of them!

In the Spring 2023 issue of , s design and architecture publication, the veteran talk show host and comedian spoke about her new Montecito, Calif. home during her first interview since .

"This place is all about the spot. The house needed a lot of work, but the was always amazing," she told the outlet of the 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom home sits on 10 acres. "Strangely, this was the very first place Portia and I ever looked up here."

According to , the mansion is located down a private drive manned by a security guard and boasts stunning views — from mountains and lakes to the Pacific Ocean and horse pastures. Despite the all the pros, DeGeneres was initially hesitant to purchase it.


"Truthfully, I didn't even want to see the place. It's the longest I've ever deliberated on a property. Because the site was incredible but the house, while good bones, basically didn't have a single surface I could live with and everything clashed with everything. Even the ceilings," she said.

Up for the challenge, she admitted that it was the "total package," even though it was "going to require a massive effort, as well as a massive reimagining."

The home was a passion project DeGeneres helmed, saying there "was no division" of labor when it came to revamping the space — wife


happily took a backseat.

"She's as passionate about horses as I am about houses. But we don't delve into each other's silos," DeGeneres explained. "In fact I can't really get her to go into a furniture store with me. Unless there's a horse in there somewhere."

The star told the outlet that the pair, who have been married for over 14 years, "thought our last house was our forever house," particularly because they had horses and access to a trail.

"That's really important to Portia. I mean the place was a little public but more than made up for by the fact that we really liked the surrounding community. We've always loved it up here. But in this case, we had particularly great neighbors. Kind of a little pickle ball league," she added.


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According to the outlet, DeGeneres has purchased and sold over 50 houses and estates in Southern California. Some of her recent properties include a that she bought for $12 million and sold for $13.5 six months later, a in 2022, and a she purchased for $12 million back in 2011.

DeGeneres sees her residential projects as a lifelong passion.

"I don't really travel a lot. So, house flipping is my version of travel," she says. "With house flipping, the scenery changes though I stay in the same general area. Only in a new place and from a new perspective."


For DeGeneres and de Rossi, home is truly where the heart is. In late January, they celebrated their wedding anniversary early with a surprise vow renewal — at home!

The couple and a group of their loved ones gathered for what most thought was a 50th birthday party for de Rossi. Yet the celebration turned into a romantic ceremony commemorating their years of marriage and officiated by their close friend .

Jenner's speech began, "Welcome to Portia's birthday party and to the newest home of one of my favorite couples, two of my [best friends] and the record holders for the most homes ever purchased in one city."

In a 2011 , DeGeneres said, "The first thing I did when I made money was buy a house. And then…" de Rossi adds, "Another one, and another one, and another one, and another one."


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