The Outlander Duo's Many Unscripted Moments: A Compilation of Sam and Caitriona's Authenticity


The title of this article suggests that it will discuss instances where Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the actors of the television show Outlander, broke character. Outlander is a popular historical drama series that follows the love story of Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall. However, throughout the series, there have been moments where the actors have unintentionally stepped out of character.

The article mentions various occasions when Heughan and Balfe have broken character. For example, in one scene, Balfe's character is supposed to slap Heughan's character, but she accidentally hit him harder than anticipated, causing him to momentarily break character by wincing in pain.


Another instance occurred during a scene where the actors had to jump into freezing cold water. Balfe was not expecting the water to be so cold and let out a genuine scream, which caused Heughan to laugh.

In addition to physical mishaps, there are also moments where the actors break character emotionally. Balfe often finds herself laughing during intense scenes due to Heughan's unexpected comedic timing. Similarly, Heughan has been caught off guard by Balfe's emotional performances, causing him to momentarily forget his lines.

These instances of breaking character further emphasize the chemistry and camaraderie between Heughan and Balfe, which is a vital aspect of their on-screen relationship. Fans of Outlander appreciate these unintentional moments, as they add authenticity and realism to the characters' interactions. Despite the occasional slips, Heughan and Balfe's commitment to their roles and their ability to bring Jamie and Claire to life remains evident throughout the show.


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