“That is such a mind f**k”: Oscar-Winning Actress Gave Herself an Anxiety Attack After Googling “I love Jennifer Lawrence” Reviews

Jennifer Lawrence is totally a spirit animal. The actress won the Golden Globe, SAG Award, and the Academy Award for Best Actress, becoming the second-youngest Best Actress Oscar winner — at just the age of 22.

No doubt, star sometimes stumbles and uses strong language. But she confessed that her self-assured persona doesn’t always match her inner feelings. And there was a time when she experienced anxiety while Googling herself, even though the reviews were positive.

Jennifer Lawrence Once Had an Anxiety Attack After Googling Herself

 () and () sat down to chat for ‘s Actors on Actors, and that’s when Sandler asked the actress, “

She admitted, to shoot a movie. Lawrence then noted how searching herself online gives her anxiety, even when finding positive comments:

“I don’t Google myself. Because you know what I realized with Googling myself? I went on a little tangent a few days ago. Everybody was giving me compliments about [hosting for Jimmy] Kimmel. So I was like, this is a safe time to be bored and Google myself, right? And I was only reading positive things. I probably just Googled “I love Jennifer Lawrence.” It was all positive, and I got slammed with anxiety. It’s not healthy to realize how many people are actually looking and listening to you. That is such a mind f*ck.”

The Hollywood star felt anxiety even with positive reviews because that made her realize the weight of being in the public eye. She noticed that the constant attention of many people was overwhelming and unsettling to her.

Jennifer Lawrence Occasionally Searched Herself on the Internet

The Oscar-winning actress admitted to that she occasionally searches about herself on the internet. Lawrence shared that she experienced the negative impact on her self-esteem that came from Googling herself as a celebrity. The actress even shared a self-deprecating moment when she once searched for

Lawrence realized how absurd this Web quest was to her. She noted that she She continued saying that she used to get “really insecure about it” as to how the world makes an opinion of you without ever meeting you.

As for how she deals with her anxiety? Lawrence said, It appears she tries to keep her public image distinct from her private life. As she said,

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