Britney Spears as you've NEVER seen her before: Singer sobbed as she read emotional scenes with Ryan Gosling during audition for The Notebook 21 years ago

Britney Spears surprised everyone with a never-before-seen audition tape for the lead role in the iconic film The Notebook. The tape, shared exclusively with, reveals an emotional display by a then-21-year-old Spears as she read through scenes with Ryan Gosling. According to casting director Matthew Barry, Spears beat out top actresses such as Claire Danes, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, and more, and was the favorite for the role of Allie. However, the creators eventually chose Rachel McAdams for the part. In the audition tape, Spears portrays a raw and emotional scene, shedding tears as she delivers her lines. Barry describes her performance as "phenomenal" and a front-runner for the role. The Notebook went on to become a successful film, launching the careers of Gosling and McAdams. Despite not landing the role, Spears' audition showcased her talent and left a lasting impression. Barry hopes to see her return to acting in the future, praising her talent and stating that he would cast her in his next movie.

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