Ryan Gosling Once Said These 2 Actors Were His "Greatest Girlfriends of All Time"


Ryan Gosling, known for being extremely private about his personal life, has had a long-lasting relationship with actress Eva Mendes. The couple, who rarely make public appearances together, share two daughters named Esmeralda and Amada.

In April 2020, Mendes defended Gosling after an Instagram user criticized him for not being public about his fatherhood. Mendes clarified that she prefers to keep their family life private, but assured that Gosling is a wonderful father. According to a source, the couple is still as much in love as they were when they first started dating. But before Eva Mendes, there were several other women who were romantically linked to Gosling.


Interestingly, it has been discovered that his go-to place for dates is Disneyland. One of the women Gosling was linked to is Sandra Bullock. The pair reportedly dated for almost a year after meeting on the set of their movie "Murder by Numbers" in 2002.

01 Sandra Bullock

Gosling was only 22 years old at the time, while Bullock was 38. Their relationship remained a secret until they decided to part ways in 2003.

02Rachel McAdams

Gosling's most well-known relationship was with Rachel McAdams, his co-star from the movie "The Notebook." Although their first meeting was far from love at first sight, as revealed by director Nick Cassavetes, they spent three years together before ending their relationship in 2007. Gosling has always spoken highly of McAdams, referring to her as one of the greatest girlfriends he has ever had.


03Kat Dennings

Another woman who was rumored to have dated Gosling is Kat Dennings. While Dennings never confirmed their relationship, they were spotted together at Disneyland, sparking speculation about their romantic involvement. However, the details of their alleged romance remain unconfirmed.

04 Blake Lively

There were also rumors about Gosling and Blake Lively dating in 2010. Although nothing was ever officially confirmed, there were reports of them going on an ice cream date at Disneyland.

05 Olivia Wilde

In 2011, Gosling was linked to Olivia Wilde. They were seen on a low-key date at an aquarium and were also spotted together at an Oscars afterparty. However, their rumored romance was never confirmed.


06 Eva Mendes

Finally, Gosling found long-lasting love with Eva Mendes after meeting her on the set of "The Place Beyond the Pines" in 2011. Like his previous relationships, Gosling took Mendes on a date to Disneyland. Since then, they have maintained a private and strong relationship, welcoming two daughters together. Ryan Gosling's romantic life has been filled with high-profile relationships, yet he has managed to keep them out of the public eye. With Eva Mendes, he has found a love that has lasted for over a decade, and they continue to prioritize their privacy while cherishing their relationship and family.


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