Pregnant Halsey Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump in New Mirror Selfie

is bumpin' along!

The pregnant singer, who is currently with boyfriend , showed off her growing belly in a new photo on Friday.

"henlo :)" Halsey, 26, captioned the picture, which showed the mom-to-be lifting up her shirt to reveal her bare baby bump as she snaps a selfie in the mirror.

Sharing the same shot on her Instagram Stories, Halsey wrote in the caption, "büyük melek 👼🏻," which roughly means "big angel" in Turkish.

Halsey first in January, sharing a trio of maternity photographs on her Instagram alongside the caption: "surprise! 🍼🌈👼🏻 Photos by @samdameshek."

"Heart so full, I love you, sweetness," Aydin wrote in the comments section at the time, to which she replied, "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!"

A day after sharing the happy news, Halsey posted a Polaroid of her bump and the scars from the multiple .

"," the "Without Me" songstress captioned the post.

Recently, Halsey , writing on her Instagram Stories, "why is it ok to speculate and pass judgement about fertility and conception?"

"My pregnancy was 100% planned, and I tried very hard for this bb," she wrote, adding, "But I would be just as happy even if it were another way."

In the past, Halsey has been candid about her struggles with reproductive health. Back in 2016, she revealed during a that she'd become pregnant the year prior — just before her career launched — but suffered a miscarriage directly ahead of a show. She still went ahead with the performance.

"It's the angriest performance that I've ever done in my life," she recalled at the time. "That was the moment of my life where I thought to myself, 'I don't feel like a f—ing human being anymore.' This thing, this music, Halsey, whatever it is that I'm doing, took precedence and priority over every decision that I made regarding this entire situation from the moment I found out until the moment it went wrong. I walked offstage and went into the parking lot and just started throwing up."

At the time, she added that she "beat myself up" over the miscarriage, explaining that she wanted "to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star, more than I ."

In another in 2019, Halsey shared that she was considering freezing her eggs that summer, worrying her struggles with endometriosis could plague her chances of conceiving.

to treat endometriosis, however, proved to be a positive step in the right direction, according to the star.

"I was like, 'Wait, what did you just say? Did you just say I can have kids?' It was like the reverse of finding out you have a terminal illness. I called my mom, crying," she remembered telling her doctor, adding that she then jokingly made a "pregnancy pact" with her assistant: "Never mind. I don't need to put out a third album. I'm just going to have a baby!"

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