Taylor Swift Was Completely Caught Off-Guard After Ellen Brought Out Her Secret Music Crush


Looking back, Taylor Swift experienced highs and lows during her time alongside Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show. In the following, we're going to take a look at both sides of the coin. Swift had some moments that angered her fans, like Ellen insisting on finding out details of her personal life.

We'll take a closer look at the troubling interviews, and how Swift reacted in the best way possible during a particular instance.

In addition, we'll also take a closer look at the flip side. Swift enjoyed positive moments, and one of them included a surprise she clearly wasn't expecting. Swift was in complete awe when her music crush was brought out, none other than


Justin Timberlake. We'll take a closer look at the memorable moment, while also putting the spotlight on their friendship which is still going strong nowadays.

Taylor Swift Had Some Upsetting Moments On The Ellen Show

Throughout her history on the Ellen Show, Taylor Swift had more than a few uncomfortable moments alongside Ellen. The host was insistent on making up rumors, like Swift and Efron dating. In addition, she would force Swift into topics she just really did not want to discuss.

Fans believe that Swift and Efron actually took a shot at Ellen on her own show. The two sang together and given the lyrics, it felt as though both were uncomfortable on the show.


The hilarious lyrics went, "Ellen works weird interviews in a slick cool sweater. And it gets kind of weird. Every time I come on this show, its really weird, really weird... all because of Ellen"

"She always asks me who I'm dating every time on the show and I don't really know why but it gets 5 million hits on YouTube."

The hilarious YouTube punchline got the fans going and there may have been lots of truth to song. Nonetheless, Swift was a frequent guest on the show, and she did have positive moments. This surprise in particular was among the top, at least from a fan perspective.

Taylor Swift Was Shocked After Ellen Brought Out Her Music Crush, Justin Timberlake


Credit to Ellen for pulling this one off as Taylor Swift had no idea Justin Timberlake was backstage. In order for this to work, Swift was kept secluded backstage prior to the show, and had no idea that Timberlake was there. She had a genuine look of shock on her face after Timberlake was introduced and brought into the interview.

It was a completely organic moment between the two as they shared their mutual admiration for one another. Swift in particular did reveal that they had met before, but Timberlake joked that it was for a brief second. As expected, fans had a blast with the viral moment.


One fan writes on YouTube, "I'm continuously dumbfounded by how amazing Taylor is, and despite how much she's changed she's really just the same and just as sweet, talented and pretty."

Another fan writes, "I love that she totally fangirlled on him and acted the way her fans act when they met her and she wasn't embarrassed by it and he took it so well. Aw, they should fall in love."

For the most part, fans loved the way Taylor Swift reacted to moment. It just shows how genuine she is, despite her massive fame.

Taylor Swift And Justin Timberlake Are Close Friends Behind The Scenes


Following their interview, Timberlake and Swift would grow close to one another as friends. Swift also once again showed her fandom for Timberlake at the MTV Awards after she was presented an award by the group.

She said in her speech, "I'm not doing well pivoting from this to this... I had your dolls! Like, are you doing something? What's gonna happen now? They're gonna do something and I need to know what it is! You guys, you're pop personified, so to receive this from your golden pop hands, it's too much. Thank you for the friendship bracelets."

The two would also collaborate together as in 2015, Swift brought Timberlake out to perform during 1989 World Tour. Swift said during the moment, "Okay, so I'm obsessed with his music. You're obsessed with his music. There's no one who's not. It's like the one thing in the world that everyone has in common.

She continues, "He's been a great friend to me, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest musicians of our generation. I can't quite believe I'm about to say this, but Justin Timberlake is here."

The love was reciprocated by Justin Timberlake after he honored Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards back in 2016. It was yet another great moment shared between the two iconic artists.


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