The Gray Man 2: Sequel is a “Maybe”, Netflix film head admits it had too much action

The Russo Bros' film, The Gray Man, was expected to be a game-changer for Netflix. However, despite its success and high ranking on Netflix's popular movies list, the reaction to the film was mixed. While Netflix initially announced a sequel and spin-off, there seems to be uncertainty about continuing the franchise.

Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix film, acknowledged that making more Gray Man movies was not confirmed. He mentioned that the film had too much action and could have focused more on character development.

Additionally, Ryan Gosling's career has taken a different direction since the release of The Gray Man in 2023. He has appeared in other potential franchise starters, which may affect his availability and willingness to return for The Gray Man 2. However, Netflix continues to collaborate with the Russo Bros for the upcoming movie, The Electric State, featuring Chris Pratt and Millie Bobby Brown.

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