Key Change To Major Netflix & Ryan Gosling Action Franchise Teased After Lackluster First Movie

The Gray Man 2, the upcoming sci-fi film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and produced by Netflix, is set to undergo a significant change. The head of Netflix Film, Scott Stuber, recently discussed the plans for The Gray Man 2 and revealed that there will be a shift in focus towards the character portrayed by Ryan Gosling. Stuber expressed his admiration for Gosling's acting abilities and emphasized the importance of spending more time with his character in the sequel. He praised Gosling's versatility and range as an actor and mentioned that having him as part of the franchise is a major asset. Stuber believes that the key to getting The Gray Man 2 right is to fully explore what makes Gosling's character great and to extend his story accordingly.

Reflecting on the first installment of The Gray Man, Stuber acknowledged that there was perhaps an overemphasis on action sequences. He admitted that they aimed to create the biggest film of all time, given the Russo Brothers' immense success with Avengers: Endgame, the highest-grossing film ever. However, this resulted in an abundance of action set pieces that overshadowed the character development. Stuber suggested that the second film should focus more on slowing down and delving deeper into the characters. Stuber highlighted two significant factors contributing to the first film's shortcomings. Firstly, The Gray Man was only the Russo Brothers' second directorial effort following Avengers: Endgame, which broke numerous box office records.

As they ventured into creating an original action franchise with The Gray Man, there was room for growth and improvement. Secondly, critics and audiences felt that the film's screenplay lacked depth, particularly in its action sequences. The Gray Man received mixed reviews upon its release, with a 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many believed that the screenplay's shortcomings overshadowed the talented cast's performances. Stuber echoed this sentiment, suggesting that The Gray Man 2 should prioritize character development to address these concerns. In Stuber's view, the secret to The Gray Man 2's success lies in Ryan Gosling's star power.

The actor's recent performance in Barbie has further elevated his status, making him an even more valuable asset to the franchise. Stuber hopes that The Gray Man 2 will capitalize on Gosling's success and deliver an installment that fully utilizes his talent. As the production team gears up for The Gray Man 2, they are adapting their approach to address the critiques from the first film. By prioritizing character development and striking the right balance between action and storytelling, they hope to create a sequel that improves upon its predecessor and solidifies the future of The Gray Man franchise. Source: Collider

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