"Cause we were naked in bed together": Sharon Stone Put Ellen DeGeneres In an Uncomfortable Spot After She Refused to Have S*x With Her On-screen


The legendary actress Sharon Stone has appeared in some controversial roles throughout her career. Famously known for her riveting performance in Basic Instinct, the actress has also starred in the 2000 television movie, If These Walls Could Talk 2, alongside Ellen DeGeneres.

Portraying the lives of LGBTQ couples in different time periods, Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres not only shared the screen but also shared the bed during an intimate scene. However, DeGeneres claimed to feel uncomfortable shooting her intimate scenes with her co-star. Later on, when Stone appeared on her co-star's talk show, she yet again made the host visibly uncomfortable with her comments. 


Ellen DeGeneres Initially Refused to Filming S*x Scenes With Sharon Stone 

The two phenomenal actresses, Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres shared the screen in the 2000 sequel of If These Walls Could Talk. Playing the role of a couple in one particular segment of the film, that dealt with the lives of three LGBTQ couples, DeGeneres and Stone appeared in an intimate scene, where they were naked under the sheets. 

However, Ellen DeGeneres initially refused to do the raunchy scene with the Basic Instinct actress, as the former host was then dating Anne Heche, one of the directors and screenwriters of their movie. During an interview with The New York Times, DeGeneres even claimed that she fought with Heche over her intimate scenes with Stone for months, before shooting began. 


"It's a different side of me… There's a s*xuality about me that people haven't seen…I fought Anne for months, saying I wouldn't do the love scene. She was like, 'It's Sharon Stone.' I said: 'I won't do the scene. I'm not getting naked. I'm not going to kiss somebody else,'" 

But eventually, DeGeneres realized the importance of the intimate scenes in contrast to the storyline. Thus, after understanding its essential aspects, DeGeneres agreed to do s*x scenes with Sharon Stone, keeping her discomfort aside. 


Sharon Stone Made Ellen DeGeneres Uncomfortable In Her Own Show 

Nonetheless, years after the release of their 2000 movie If These Walls Could Talk 2, Sharon Stone appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in 2003, where she yet again made the star super uncomfortable. Recalling their s*x scene from the movie, Stone made DeGeneres visually uncomfortable on The Ellen Show. 

"Alright, she said she wanted to meet me. And I said, 'Is that what you say about everybody you've been naked in bed with?'" 

Referencing their love scene from the 2000 movie, Sharon Stone created a tense situation, as Ellen DeGeneres was told not to make any reference to her s*xuality at this time. Back in 2003, things weren't as easy as it is now, the talk show host seemed visibly uncomfortable. 


"Cause, you know, we were naked in bed together." Stone asserted, to which DeGeneres claimed, "That's right, that was on HBO. I remember that now". Clarifying what Stone was talking about had nothing to do with her personal life or her s*xuality, the host quickly reassured the audience. Sharon Stone further joked, "I usually have to remind people", to which the host mentioned, "You know what she's meaning by that". 

Ellen DeGeneres attempted to explain why she seemed uncomfortable by Stone's comment, in order to clear out any misunderstanding with her audience.


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