Stephen A. provides fiery response to Horace Grant accusing Michael Jordan of 'lying' and 'betrayal'


ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith responded to former NBA player Horace Grant's recent comments about Michael Jordan on the show "First Take." Grant, who played with Jordan on the Chicago Bulls during their first three championship runs, accused Jordan of being a "liar" and a "snitch" in the highly acclaimed documentary series "The Last Dance."

Smith passionately defended Jordan, stating that Grant's comments were disrespectful and unfounded. He argued that Grant's motivation for making these claims was likely due to his bitterness towards Jordan and his desire to detract attention from his own shortcomings.


Smith also pointed out that Grant himself was interviewed extensively for "The Last Dance," but his comments did not make it into the final cut, suggesting that Grant may be harboring feelings of resentment towards Jordan for this reason.

Furthermore, Smith highlighted Jordan's unparalleled competitiveness and drive for success, qualities that have often been praised by many of his former teammates. He emphasized that Jordan's leadership style, while demanding, was ultimately instrumental in the team's success.

In conclusion, Smith expressed his disappointment in Grant for publicly criticizing his former teammate after enjoying so much success with him. He urged Grant to move on and let go of any bitterness he may still hold towards Jordan.


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