“Not Louis Vuitton”: Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Gets ‘Pump Faked’ By Their Daughter For Her Christmas Present


Juanita Vanoy, the ex-wife of Michael Jordan, had a lighthearted moment with her family during the Christmas season. Her youngest child, Jasmine Jordan, decided to play a prank on her to celebrate the holiday spirit. 

Juanita's middle child, Marcus Jordan, found the prank amusing and publicly expressed his thoughts on Instagram. He jokingly mentioned that Jasmine thinks she's funny but assured his mother that they have her back. The family's close bond was evident during the festive season, and their connection to basketball was also highlighted.

The family likely spent Christmas together, especially as Marcus celebrated his birthday on December 24th.


It is uncertain whether Michael Jordan was present for the celebration, but it is unlikely. Nonetheless, the family continues to maintain a unique and strong bond, even incorporating their love for basketball into their personal moments.

This is not the first time that Juanita and Jasmine have shown their closeness on social media. In a previous post, Jasmine claimed to be the meanest child of Juanita, and her mother confirmed this by jokingly saying that she gets it from her.

Jasmine is in a relationship with Rakeem Christmas, and they have a son together. Michael Jordan, the proud grandfather, has reportedly supported Rakeem in his basketball career. Overall, Michael's family from his first marriage has remained close, showcasing their maturity and strong bond over the years.


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