'Space movies are the new vampire movies': Revisit when Adele tried to talk Jennifer Lawrence out of doing THIS USD 303.1 million movie

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, sage advice can often come from the unlikeliest of sources. This time, it was the Grammy-winning icon, who offered some pearls of wisdom to In a throwback interview with The New York Times, the Oscar-winning actress reflected on her career and revealed that she might have missed an important piece of advice from the acclaimed singer.

The space odyssey that raised eyebrows

The movie in question is Passengers, released in 2016, a sci-fi romance thriller in which Lawrence starred alongside The film is set on a colony ship in deep space, where two travelers wake up 90 years too early, leading to a unique and challenging situation.

While Passengers did manage to amass a substantial $303.1 million at the box office, it wasn't a critical darling. With a mere 30% critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes, it found itself among the five worst-reviewed films of Jennifer Lawrence's career on the site.

Adele's sound advice

Jennifer Lawrence candidly shared that Adele had advised her against taking on Passengers. The singer remarked, "I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies," as a means of discouraging Lawrence from the project. In hindsight, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that perhaps she should have heeded Adele's counsel.

As a post-Hunger Games career move, Passengers didn't exactly receive the applause Lawrence had hoped for. The actress recalled feeling the weight of her fanbase's presence, causing her to question the choices she was making. She said, "I was like, 'Oh no, you guys are here because I'm here, and I'm here because you're here. Wait, who decided that this was a good movie?'"

Fan backlash and self-reflection

The fan backlash and critical reception, combined with Adele's forewarning, made Jennifer Lawrence reconsider her path in the film industry. It was probably her least favorite day on set, knowing she could have made a different decision.

Jennifer Lawrence shifted gears, taking on roles that aligned better with her aspirations and values. She starred in the critically acclaimed Netflix movie Don't Look Up alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and more. Adele's advice and Jennifer's reflections offer a glimpse into the complex world of show business, where even the brightest stars seek guidance and occasionally, a fresh start.

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