The Creative Process Unveiled: Behind the Making of 'What Was I Made For?' by FINNEAS and Billie Eilish

In the article titled "How FINNEAS Created 'What Was I Made For?' with Billie Eilish | Behind the Song," the main focus is on the process of creating the song "What Was I Made For?" by FINNEAS and Billie Eilish.

The article begins by explaining that FINNEAS, who is not only Eilish's brother but also her collaborator and co-writer, worked closely with her to create this song. The process started with a simple guitar melody that FINNEAS came up with, which he initially thought could be a solo song for himself. However, after playing it for Eilish, she became excited about it and insisted on making it a duet.

After deciding to work on it as a collaboration, the pair began to develop the lyrics and build the song structure together. The initial concept of the song was about the feeling of finding someone who feels like a perfect match. They wanted to capture the idea that these two individuals were made for each other, hence the title "What Was I Made For?"

FINNEAS explains that the song evolved into a reflection on the uniqueness of their connection and how they complement each other. The lyrics delve into the idea that they are meant to inspire and support each other artistically. According to FINNEAS, the process of crafting the lyrics involved conversations about the experiences they had together and how their partnership has shaped their careers.

The article also highlights the musical elements and production techniques used to enhance the song. FINNEAS wanted to create a warm and intimate sound, so he incorporated acoustic elements such as guitar and piano. He also enlisted the help of skilled musicians to add depth to the song, including a cellist and a violinist.

Furthermore, the production of the song involved experimentation with various vocal layers and harmonies. FINNEAS explains that he wanted to make the song feel immersive and create a sense of the two voices intertwining. He achieved this by recording multiple vocal tracks and weaving them together.

Overall, the article offers insight into the collaborative process behind creating "What Was I Made For?" It emphasizes the close working relationship between FINNEAS and Eilish, and how they found inspiration in their connection. The song is not only a testament to their musical abilities but also a celebration of their unique bond as siblings and artistic partners.

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