Was Portia De Rossi’s Marriage Rocked By The Ellen DeGeneres Work Environment Scandal?

After her workplace environment scandal, Ellen DeGeneres got a bit quiet. Although DeGeneres still worked in Hollywood, The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended in late May 2022, and people didn't hear about her quite as much.

A scandal can definitely affect a couple's marriage. Sometimes, a pair splits up right away. Other times, they try their best to stay together, but the negative attention and stories can become too much and divorce is inevitable. While Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are still married, it's possible that everything that DeGeneres went through led to a rough patch in their relationship...

What Happened To Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi's Marriage After The Scandal?

Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been through a lot together, including the time when the couple's home was broken into. In 2020, they learned about allegations that employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show made about DeGeneres's behavior. When Portia De Rossi made a statement, it was clear that she supported her wife.

According to Page Six, the actress shared a blue image on Instagram that read "I Stand By Ellen." She wrote in the caption, "To all our fans....we see you. Thank you for your support." She added the hashtag #stopbotattacks.

This post suggests that De Rossi was there for DeGeneres during this time. The stars haven't said that the scandal made their marriage harder.

Important Dates In Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres's Romance (According to People)



first meeting while attending a concert for Rock the Vote


started their relationship

May 16th 2008August 16th 2008

shared their engagement news

August 16th 2008

got married

In fact, De Rossi and DeGeneres talked about their marriage in a February 2021 interview with People. It seems like from what she said, this challenge made their relationship even stronger.

De Rossi said:

"We've grown together as a couple, and we really consider each other and put our relationship first. By doing that, you become a lot more solid. I can't imagine spending time with anyone but her."

In the same interview, DeGeneres talked about how her wife was there for her after the scandal and opened up quite a lot:

"It broke my heart; I couldn't have gone through everything I went through without her. It was a horrible time in my life, and she was a rock. She kept me going and tried to help me put things in perspective."

Besides making a public statement on her Instagram account and being interviewed by People, Portia De Rossi didn't seem to say much else about this period. However, whenever she has talked about Ellen DeGeneres in the past, she sounds grateful to have found a partnership like this one.

Important facts about The Ellen DeGeneres Show: 19 seasons and 3,294 episodes September 8 2003-May 26 2022 61 Daytime Emmy Awards

According to Pride.org, De Rossi was on the cover of Advocate magazine in March 2010, and she shared a lot about her long-term relationship.

De Rossi said that she really loved being married:

"I thought I'd feel more blasé about it, more comfortable. But it's the complete opposite-I've become a lot less selfish. I'm constantly thinking about her needs and our needs as a team. It's a lovely, symbiotic partnership. Who knew marriage could be like that? I'd only heard bad things about it."

What Is Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres's Marriage Like Today?

Now that some time has passed since the Ellen DeGeneres workplace scandal, it seems that her marriage to Portia De Rossi is as happy today as it ever was. Many people have shared negative stories about DeGeneres and countless celebrities have seemed unhappy with their appearances on the show. There was that time when DeGeneres teased Taylor Swift about her love life, to name just one example.

However, when it comes to her personal life, the former talk show host still has a happy marriage.

According to The Daily Mail, DeGeneres spoke about her marriage in an interview with RIV Magazine in 2023. She talked about how she and her wife bought a house for $70 million in Carpinteria and were working hard on getting it into better shape.

Ellen DeGeneres explained that Portia De Rossi said to her:

"This is a new chapter. After 24 houses in 18 years, this is our first home."

In her interview with RIV Magazine, DeGeneres explained that she was more interested in decor than De Rossi:

'There's no division. She's as passionate about horses as I am about houses. But we don't delve into each other's silos. In fact I can't really get her to go into a furniture store with me. Unless there's a horse in there somewhere."

While Portia De Rossi isn't acting these days, she and Ellen DeGeneres are still keeping busy. Her Instagram bio shed light on what she is doing now: "Former actress and now owner of General Public, an art curation and publishing company." According to Architectural Digest, artists employ 3D printers to create "Synographs or textured prints" that people can buy through the website.

Portia De Rossi's last acting credits: Bonnie Swanson in Family Guy (2017) Dr. Wolf in Santa Clarita Diet (2017) Elizabeth North in Scandal (2014-2017)

Portia De Rossi is still very supportive of her wife Ellen DeGeneres. In May 2022, she posted DeGeneres's famous Time cover that has the headline "Yep, I'm gay." De Rossi wrote in the caption of the Instagram post:

To my utterly beautiful, supremely talented, insanely accomplished wife on the day of your final show….I married an icon. I married my idol. I'm so proud of you for making this platform one that not only entertains but inspires and uplifts people. @theellenshow this show will forever be remembered for elevating the worlds consciousness. I love you

From that Instagram post and the few comments that she has made, Portia De Rossi remains very much in love with Ellen DeGeneres. The scandal doesn't seem to have changed their relationship at all.

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