“Felt the Same Way About Michael Jordan”: When Larry Bird Pointed Out Kobe Bryant’s Weakness While Facing the Celtics in 2008 NBA Finals


The 2008 NBA Finals showcased the storied Lakers-Celtics rivalry, with Kobe Bryant leading the Lakers and Kevin Garnett leading the Celtics. Despite the Lakers featuring a strong defensive lineup, the Celtics came out on top. In Larry Bird's book, "When the Game Was Ours," he praises the Celtics' defensive intensity and highlights Lamar Odom's inability to make an impact. 

Bird also compares Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, noting that Kobe dominated the ball and had to shoulder the entire offense, which he sees as a weakness. Bird believes that a collective team effort is necessary to win championships. 

In a 2015 interview, Bryant reflects on the 2008 Finals loss and his determination to improve. He goes on to win two consecutive championships and ends his career with five rings.


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