"Weight-Shamed by Ellen" | 11-Year-Old Guest Accuses Talk Show Host of Body Bullying


Ellen DeGeneres, the renowned American television host, has recently faced accusations from an 11-year-old guest who claims she was called "fat" by the show's host.

The incident occurred during a recent appearance of an 11-year-old guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The young girl, who goes by the name of Nikki, asserts that while she was backstage waiting to go on air, Ellen DeGeneres made a derogatory comment about her weight. Nikki bravely shared her experience with the world in a YouTube video, which has since gone viral.

In the video, Nikki explains that before her appearance on the show, she had been given a free sweatshirt and some CDs, which she was excited about.


However, her joy quickly turned to despair when she overheard DeGeneres remarking to a colleague, "I hope we don't give her any more giveaways, she's already so fat."

Nikki's revelation has caused a considerable stir both online and offline, with many people expressing their disappointment in DeGeneres' alleged behavior. The young girl's story has also opened up conversations about body shaming and the negative impact such comments can have on a person, especially a child.

The accusations against DeGeneres come at a time when the entertainment industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of promoting body positivity and acceptance.


Many celebrities and influencers have been using their platforms to advocate for diversity and inclusivity, making these allegations even more significant.

In response to the allegations, DeGeneres has yet to make a public statement. However, her representatives have released a brief statement asserting that the accusations are false and that DeGeneres has always been a champion for kindness and respect.

While some people remain skeptical about the accuracy of Nikki's claims, others argue that it is essential to believe and support children when they speak out about their experiences. The incident serves as a reminder that no one, regardless of their fame or influence, should make derogatory comments about someone's appearance.


This controversy surrounding Ellen DeGeneres is likely to impact her reputation, as it raises questions about her character and the authenticity of her on-screen persona. It also highlights the need for heightened awareness and sensitivity towards body image issues, particularly when it comes to young individuals who may be more vulnerable to negative comments.

In conclusion, the accusations made by the 11-year-old guest, Nikki, against Ellen DeGeneres shed light on the issue of body shaming and the importance of promoting body positivity. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how DeGeneres will respond and what consequences, if any, she will face.


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