Unearthed Celebs: 10 Frasier Appearences You Might Have Overlooked

Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on Frasier is an article that highlights ten famous actors and actresses who made guest appearances on the popular television show Frasier but may have been forgotten by fans. The article aims to refresh everyone's memory by reminding them of these noteworthy guest stars.

The first star mentioned in the article is Felicity Huffman, who played Julia Wilcox in Season 2. Huffman, known for her role in Desperate Housewives, portrayed a potential love interest of Frasier Crane, the show's protagonist. Despite her short appearance on the show, her talent and charisma were commendable.

Next on the list is a young Mila Kunis, who made a memorable appearance in Season 8 as Ann, a rival radio show host. Kunis had already gained fame for her role in That '70s Show, but her appearance on Frasier allowed her to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Actor Nathan Lane is also mentioned in the article. Known for his roles in The Birdcage and The Producers, he had a guest role in Season 6 as Phil Patterson, a flamboyant opera director. Lane's comedic timing and larger-than-life energy were a perfect fit for the show.

Another star on the list is Rosie Perez, who played a veterinarian in Season 9. Although mainly known for her roles in dramatic films, Perez showed her humorous side on Frasier, entertaining audiences with her comedic talents.

The article also reminds readers of Jean Smart's guest appearance on the show in Season 5. Despite being a talented actress, Smart's guest role as Lorna Lenley, a former high school classmate of Frasier, may have slipped many viewers' minds.

Frasier also welcomed Mandy Moore onto its set in Season 10. Moore, who was gaining popularity as a singer at the time, played a teenager who Frasier attempts to mentor. Her appearance on the show added a youthful touch and further showcased her talents.

Parker Posey, an actress known for her quirky roles, made a guest appearance in Season 6 as Frasier's eccentric girlfriend, Dr. Honey Snow. Posey's unique and offbeat persona added a refreshing dynamic to the show.

Fans may have also forgotten about Piper Laurie's appearance on the show in Season 7. Laurie, acclaimed for her role in the film Carrie, portrayed Lana Gardner, a woman who becomes romantically involved with Frasier's father, Martin Crane.

In Season 8, acclaimed actress Laura Linney guest-starred as Charlotte Connor, a woman who becomes involved with Frasier. Linney's remarkable acting skills further enhanced the show's already stellar cast.

Finally, the article sheds light on the guest appearance of Jennifer Coolidge in Season 6. Coolidge, known for her roles in comedy films such as Legally Blonde, played Jules, Roz Doyle's sister. Her comedic talent and unique personality made her a memorable addition to the Frasier universe.

These ten stars, although often forgotten, all contributed their talents to Frasier, adding depth and entertainment to an already beloved television show. The article serves as a reminder of their remarkable performances, ensuring that they are not overlooked by fans.

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