‘Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes’ Costume Designer Reveals Reference to Jennifer Lawrence in Rachel Zegler’s Wardrobe

became a household name starring as Katniss Everdeen in the film franchise, and now is set to propel herself to even greater heights by fronting the prequel movie .

Like Katniss, Rachel‘s character Lucy Gray is reaped to compete in The Hunger Games. The characters share multiple similarities. That will also be reflected in Lucy’s wardrobe.

In fact, one key piece has been modeled after an iconic Katniss look.

Speaking to , costume designer Trish Summerville revealed Lucy’s rainbow dress featured a callback to one of Katniss’ outfits.

“We had the corset mimic the shape of Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss’ blue mockingjay dress,” she explained. The dress in question is the one that Jennifer wore in before being sent to the Games for a second time. Her stylist Cinna () helped her transform her wedding dress into a striking gown fit to start a revolution. It was .

Trish explained that they ran into some issues with the costume: “I was ordering all these different colors of tulle in excess. So if there were eight or 10 colors in the skirt, I was ordering all that tulle, shirring it, and playing with the skirt to figure out which colors transitioned well together. Then once we casted, we discovered that Rachel Zegler is quite petite, so we had to scale the whole thing down, reconfigure all the measurements, and figure out how many rows of color to have.”

Despite that, it wound up being one of her favorite looks.

“It has a lot of detail in the book about what it is, and I had to go through a lot of iterations of what I wanted it to be. It took me a little bit, but one day it just came to me. And we had a great patina team working on it, too,” she recalled.

Speaking of callbacks to the original series, Rachel recently released a

hits theaters in just under a month, on November 17th! Press play on the trailer below.

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