Ryan Gosling says he got into 'trouble' for filming sex scene which 'felt real' with Michelle Williams

Ryan Gosling faced controversy after a particularly realistic sex scene with co-star Michelle Williams in the indie film Blue Valentine. Gosling, a Canadian actor known for his leading roles in movies like La La Land and The Notebook, has never shied away from steamy scenes. However, the scene in Blue Valentine pushed boundaries and caused a classification rating battle in the United States. Blue Valentine tells the story of Cindy and Dean, a troubled couple trying to save their dysfunctional marriage while raising their daughter.

The film aims to demystify romance and celebrate the flaws of its characters, which was something that excited Gosling. He believed in the authenticity of the film and its ability to portray real relationships. The controversial scene in question depicted Gosling's character, Dean, performing oral sex on Williams' character, Cindy. Gosling admitted that the scene felt real, but it wasn't intended to be sexy. This is what caused the trouble for the film. The authenticity of the scene led to an intense classification rating battle. Gosling explained that the reason the scene looked so real was because he had done a good job in acting it out. He didn't believe that actors should be penalized for doing their jobs well.

Eventually, Blue Valentine was downgraded to an R rating, meaning that those under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian. The film also contained a warning about its adult material, advising parents to learn more about it before allowing their young children to watch. Despite the scandal surrounding the explicit scene, Blue Valentine received numerous accolades and nominations. The film's success at the box office led to nominations for both Gosling and Williams at the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama. In conclusion, Ryan Gosling's commitment to authenticity and his portrayal of a realistic sex scene in Blue Valentine caused controversy and a classification rating battle in the United States. Despite the scandal, the film received critical acclaim and recognition for its box-office success.

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