Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: Adorable and Funny Moments of 2017

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are known for their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship. In this article, we will explore some of the hilarious and cute moments they shared in 2017.

One of the memorable moments occurred during an interview for their film "La La Land." Gosling was trying to recall a specific scene, but he couldn't quite remember it accurately. Stone, being the quick-witted and humorous person she is, playfully mocked Gosling for his forgetfulness, resulting in both of them bursting into laughter. This candid moment showed their natural chemistry and ability to make each other laugh.

Another funny moment happened when Stone presented Gosling with the Best Actor award at the Golden Globes. As she read out his name, Gosling pretended to be surprised and acted as if he was hearing the news for the first time. Stone's reaction to his over-the-top surprise was priceless, and it was evident that they shared a genuine bond of friendship.

During their press tour for "La La Land," Gosling and Stone were constantly seen joking and teasing each other. In one interview, Gosling joked that Stone was "unbearable" to work with, and Stone responded by saying that Gosling was more likeable onscreen than in real life. This playful banter showcased their close relationship and ability to poke fun at each other with love.

In addition to their funny moments, Gosling and Stone also had several cute moments that melted fans' hearts. During an interview at the Venice Film Festival, Gosling couldn't take his eyes off Stone while she was answering a question. The way he looked at her with adoration and admiration was truly heartwarming.

Their adorable moments continued during award season. At the Oscars, when Gosling's name was called as a nominee, Stone graciously gave him a standing ovation and looked genuinely proud of his achievement. These gestures demonstrated the love and support they have for each other, not just as colleagues but also as friends.

Overall, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone had a year filled with hilarious and cute moments in 2017. From their funny interviews to their heartwarming interactions during award shows, it is clear that their chemistry extends beyond the screen. Fans of the duo eagerly await their future collaborations, hoping to witness more of their delightful moments together.

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