Hilarious Ryan Gosling Moments That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Ryan Gosling is known for his impressive acting skills and his ability to take on serious roles. However, what many people don't realize is that Gosling has a funny side as well. In this article, we will explore some of the most hilarious moments from the actor's career.

One of Gosling's most memorable funny moments came during an appearance on the talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" In a segment called "Knife Guys," Gosling and host Jimmy Kimmel dressed up as knife salesmen and hilariously tried to sell various types of knives to the audience. The skit was filled with clever jokes and funny moments that showcased Gosling's comedic talents.

Another notable funny moment from Gosling's career happened during his opening monologue on "Saturday Night Live." In his monologue, Gosling jokingly expressed his gratitude for being chosen to host the show, saying that he was surprised because he "saved jazz." This self-deprecating humor not only had the audience laughing, but it also showcased Gosling's ability to make fun of himself.

Gosling has also had his fair share of funny moments during interviews. In one instance, he was promoting his film "Blade Runner 2049" and was asked about his experience working with actor Harrison Ford. Gosling hilariously pretended to have a falling out with Ford on set, joking that Ford didn't appreciate his jazz music. This unexpected answer caught the interviewer off guard and once again demonstrated Gosling's quick wit.

Furthermore, Gosling has shown his comedic chops in various movies. In the film "Crazy, Stupid, Love.," Gosling played a smooth-talking ladies' man who teaches Steve Carell's character how to attract women. Throughout the movie, Gosling delivers hilarious one-liners and comedic timing that had audiences laughing out loud.

In another film, "The Nice Guys," Gosling plays a bumbling private investigator alongside Russell Crowe. The movie is filled with humorous moments that highlight Gosling's ability to handle physical comedy and play the fool.

Despite being known for his serious roles, Ryan Gosling has proven time and time again that he has a talent for comedy. Whether it's through skits on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" or his performances in funny movies, Gosling never fails to bring the laughs. His quick wit, comedic timing, and ability to make fun of himself only add to his charm as an actor. So, the next time you see Gosling in a serious role, remember that he also has a funny side that is worth watching.

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