Jennifer Aniston Raves About Collaborating with Julia Roberts in an Exclusive Celebrity Interview


In a recent celebrity sit-down interview with E! News, Jennifer Aniston expressed her excitement and admiration for her upcoming project, in which she will be working alongside the iconic Julia Roberts. The highly anticipated collaboration has been the talk of the town, and Aniston did not hold back on her enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Aniston, an accomplished actress herself, spoke highly of Roberts and described her as a "legend" and an "extraordinary actress." She expressed her gratitude for the chance to work with someone she has admired for so long. The two stars will be teaming up for the first time in a film called "The Morning Show," and Aniston couldn't be more thrilled.


"The Morning Show" is a drama series set in the world of morning television. Aniston plays the lead role of Alex Levy, a morning show host, while Roberts will be joining the show as a guest star. Aniston discussed how much she is looking forward to sharing the screen with Roberts and praised her talent and charisma.

During the interview, Aniston also shared her excitement about the script and the overall project. She described it as "fantastic" and "really special." Aniston expressed her eagerness to dive deep into her character and explore the complexities of the story.

Aniston's admiration for Roberts was clear as she described the experience of working with her as a dream come true. She expressed her desire to learn from Roberts and soak up all her knowledge and experience. The actress shared her belief that collaboration and learning from one another is what makes the creative process so fulfilling.


Fans have long been awaiting this collaboration between Aniston and Roberts, as both actresses have garnered immense popularity and critical acclaim throughout their careers. The anticipation for "The Morning Show" has only grown, especially considering the shared excitement from both Aniston and Roberts.

Aniston's gushing over working with Roberts serves as a testament to the mutual respect and admiration shared by the two actresses. Their on-screen chemistry is highly anticipated, and fans can't wait to see these two powerhouses bring their talents together.

In conclusion, Jennifer Aniston's recent interview with E! News revealed her excitement and admiration for working with Julia Roberts in the upcoming series "The Morning Show." Aniston praised Roberts as a legendary actress and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside someone she has admired for so long. Fans can expect fireworks as these two Hollywood powerhouses join forces for what promises to be an exceptional project.


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