Leah Remini Says Jennifer Lopez Slapped Her 'So Hard' on Second Act Set, She Cried


Working with best friend Jennifer Lopez on the new movie led to a lot of laughs for , and at least one set of tears!

In a , Remini, 48, revealed that in one scene, Lopez, 49, slapped her on the face and it instantly made her bawl.

The moment came when Remini’s character Joan gives her best friend Maya (Lopez) a pep talk before applying to a high-ranking corporate job for which Maya doesn’t necessarily have the requirements.

While filming, Remini decided to improvise a bit, calling upon the phrase “Who’s the champ?” — something she often tells Lopez before performances. But that wasn’t all she added. “This time I decided I’d slap her,” Remini explained.


When Lopez slapped back, Remini lost it. “She slapped me back so hard it made me cry from laughter,” she told .

It’s that “natural chemistry” that made so fun to film for Remini, who admitted to that she didn’t read the script before signing on to the film. After watching the movie, Remini said fans will see their true friendship at play.

“A lot of it was improvised,” Remini said. “Her reaction is always funny because that’s her reaction to me; she rolls her eyes a lot if I grab her boob or annoy her…. Annoying her makes me laugh, so I’d do different things in different takes, so you’re seeing her real reactions.”


“When you have a relationship with somebody, you can’t write that stuff,” Remini continued. “I’m comfortable with her; I’m used to cuddling up to her, to grabbing her arm when we walk, and she’s used to grabbing arm when we walk. There are little things [in here] where you go, ‘This is relationship.’”

marks the first time Lopez and Remini have worked together on a film, and they couldn’t be closer. During an appearance on earlier this month, the stars heaped praises on each other.

“She’s loving, warm, fiercely loyal, courageous, brave, true, authentic … there’s a lot of things,” Remini said.


“,” Lopez said during the appearance. “I’m so close to my sisters and so is Leah, but we have similar lives. We have similar careers, so we understand nuances that other people don’t understand. That also bonded us, I think.”

Though it seems like both ladies have known each other since childhood, they only met back when Lopez was dating ex Marc Anthony, who introduced them at a film event.

“, and then when I was approaching her, I was like, ‘I hope it’s the lighting. Maybe she just looks good in here,’ and as I got closer I was like, ‘Oh damn, there’s a lot of light right here and she looks really pretty,’ ” Remini recalled to . “I said, ‘God—-it, why the f—, why are you so f—ing pretty?’ And she laughed. I was like, ‘Ugh, I hope she’s dumb,’ ya know? I was like, ‘She could be dumb!’ — I wanted to find something and I didn’t.”

Gushed Lopez: “We fell in love right there.”


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