A Day in the Shoes of a Mom with Twin Toddlers | Heather Fern


In this article, Heather Fern shares a glimpse into her daily life as a mom of twin toddlers. As a mother of twins, Fern's days are busy and filled with various tasks and responsibilities.

Fern's day typically begins at 6:30 am when her twin toddlers wake up. She starts her day by feeding them breakfast and changing their diapers. Afterward, she prepares herself a cup of coffee to help kickstart her day.

Fern emphasizes the importance of having a routine for her kids, as it helps keep things organized and predictable. She ensures that her twins have a structured daily schedule, including activities such as playtime, snack breaks, and nap times.


After breakfast, Fern engages in playtime with her twin toddlers, providing them with various toys and activities to keep them occupied and engaged. She also uses this time to teach them basic concepts and promotes their overall development.

Mealtime is another important part of Fern's day. She prepares nutritious meals for her twins, ensuring that they get a well-balanced diet. She encourages them to eat independently to foster their independence and self-feeding skills.

Naptime is a vital break for both Fern and her toddlers. During this time, she catches up on household chores, including cleaning, laundry, and meal prep.


She believes in utilizing this break efficiently to maintain a well-organized and clean living space.

Throughout the day, Fern takes her twins for short outings, whether it's to the park or for a stroll in the neighborhood. These outings provide fresh air and help to break the monotony of being at home, benefiting both her twins and herself.

Fern also emphasizes the importance of self-care as a mom. During her children's naptime or after they go to bed, she takes some time for herself to relax and unwind. This could involve reading a book, exercising, or simply enjoying some quiet time.

As the day comes to an end, Fern prioritizes her twins' bedtime routine.


She gives them a bath, reads them a bedtime story, and puts them to bed. This routine not only helps her kids wind down but also allows Fern some time to herself before she goes to sleep.

While being a mom of twin toddlers is undoubtedly challenging, Fern focuses on finding joy in the little moments. Despite the chaos and exhaustion, she cherishes the laughter, hugs, and milestones that come with raising twins.

In summary, Heather Fern's day as a mom of twin toddlers is filled with various responsibilities such as feeding, playtime, outings, maintaining routines, and self-care. Despite the challenges, she strives to create a balanced and fulfilling daily life for herself and her twins.


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