'She's lowkey obsessed': Selena Gomez comments on video trashing Hailey and Justin Bieber; netizens call her 'spiteful' and ask her to 'grow up'


The on-and-off relationship between and has been a topic of much debate and discussion from the time they first started dating in 2010. The two split and reconciled multiple times till their final breakup in 2018. Months later, he began dating , and the two got married the same year. The three have been the subject of social media chatter ever since and five years down the line, things are not too different.

Recently, Selena commented on a TikTok video defending her and trashing Hailey and Justin. This sparked backlash from fans who were quick to call out the singer for continuing to interact with stuff related to the Biebers, especially ones that demean them and uplift her. Here's what happened, what she commented, and how netizens are reacting to it.


Selena Gomez comments on video trashing Hailey and Justin Bieber

The TikTok video claimed that Justin fans were bullying Selena for mentioning their relationship in an interview despite more than five years after their breakup. The user defended the pop star saying she she was talking about her own life experiences and past relationships just like every other celebrity does. They then began trashing Justin claiming Selena's net worth is higher than his and that she was successful way before him.

The user then added that all they hear about the Baby hitmaker is "tabloid bull*hit and nonsense" about him and Hailey. Selena commented "Thank you so much! [growing heart emoji]," on the video. Fans started posting screenshots of the comment and screen recording of the video on Twitter talking about how Selena is still appreciating a video hating on


. Netizens were not happy about it and they made their opinion known.

Fans react to Selena Gomez's comment on video trashing Hailey and Justin Bieber

One user wrote, "She's lowkey obsessed with Justin and Hailey. There's always a ss of her commenting under a post where Justin or Hailey are getting dragged... that doesn't make her a queen... that makes her weird asf... she needs to grow up." Another said, "i just wanna know if hailey or justin have ever interacted with accounts that bring selena down to lift them up individually or as a couple. selena is so obsessed and spiteful."

A third felt, "genuinely wondering about the level of insecurity and misery that leads someone in their 30s to seek validation at the expense of others? It's seriously embarrassing." A fourth noted, "She can just choose to not respond and keep it moving yet she still responds thus causing more drama. This lady is obsessed." A fifth added, "I'm on no way a Selena hater, I actually like her but the secondhand embarrassment I actually have … such strange behaviour, you're 31 years old grow up."


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