Leah Remini Talks Jennifer Lopez Support After Leaving Scientology


Leah Remini credits her longtime friend with offering her support and good advice as Remini made the nerve-wracking decision to leave the Church of Scientology.

“She told me to keep the good things and move on with love,” Remini, 45, tells PEOPLE in this week’s . “She doesn’t judge.”

Remini was worried Lopez might have to cut off ties because her father is a Scientologist. But Lopez “didn’t waver in our friendship,” Remini says.

In her book, , Remini details the moment that she broke the news to Lopez that she was leaving the church. She writes when she suggested Lopez might be pressured to end her friendship with Remini, Lopez said: “I don’t ever want to talk about this bulls— again.”


She then handed Remini a chocolate chip cookie.

Remini, who can often be seen goofing around with Lopez on , says she is “so grateful to her.”

After publicly splitting with Scientology in 2013 after 35 years, Remini is now releasing a , , detailing her time in the church.

She claims Scientology leaders asked her to and Lopez’s then-husband Marc Anthony to and Katie Holmes’ 2006 wedding “on Tom’s behalf.” But once the wedding festivities were underway, Remini maintains that church officials repeatedly tried to separate the two friends.

“I could only conclude that it was part of an attempt to perhaps recruit her and Marc,” Remini tells PEOPLE.

In a statement, the Church of Scientology responded to her claim: “The Church does not single out anyone for its services, while its doors are open to all to make the able more able. The Church has not cared that Ms. Lopez was Ms. Remini’s friend. The only dealings the Church had with Ms. Remini with regards to Ms. Lopez was having to listen to her complaints about Ms. Lopez.”


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