Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini's Cutest Friendship Moments Through the Years


Best Friends Forever

"We're very close like sisters are, but in a different way that sisters are," said of her friendship with on .

"We understand each other's lives," said Lopez. "We have similar lives, and similar careers, and we understand nuances that other people don't understand, so that also bonded us."

Lopez described Remini as "courageous, caring, and generous," while Remini described Lopez as "loving, warm, fiercely loyal, courageous, brave, true, authentic, there's so many things."

Family and Friends


Not only do Lopez and Remini share love for each other, but they ensure that their kids are super close too.

Ahead of the birth of Lopez's , the King of Queens alum joked with PEOPLE in 2008 about the special request that she and her husband, , had at the time.

"We're asking for an audition for godparent roles," Remini said. "Not sure whether it entails that we have to sing, dance, recite a monologue, but we're ready!" Pagan added.

Style Sisters


Nothing says friendship louder than complimentary looks, something that Lopez and Remini never fail to accomplish. Donning monochromatic outfits, the best friend duo hit the street and showed off their chic, fashion-forward streetstyle.

Birthday Party Pals

Lopez celebrated her 47th birthday with a bang when she hosted her bash at Caesars Palace on July 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Immediately following the singer's at Planet Hollywood, the star-studded soiree was nonetheless a spectacle with attendees including Remini,


, , , and more.

Friends Who Cook Together, Stay Together

A self-touted "cooking champ," Lopez considers her culinary skills to be superior over best friend Remini's. When asked the two who was better cook during an interview on , Lopez teased that Remini's lasagna was "too salty."

Regardless of their little food feud, Remini has always been a fan of Lopez's recipes — even sharing clips to her Instagram of the .

"Here's my girl, making some Puerto Rican food for everybody," says Remini in the video. "Just a normal Puerto Rican girl at home cooking a meal."

Sharing the Screen


Lopez and Remini took their real-life friendship to the when they costarred alongside each other in the romantic comedy in 2018.

The fun they had while filming led to laughs (and ) due to their silly improvisation when Remini decided to playfully slap Lopez — causing Lopez to slap back even harder.

"She slapped me back so hard it made me cry from laughter," Remini told .

Queens of the Couch

Lopez and Remini had a blast together during their 2018 press tour to promote . During an appearance on , the two took turns


in a hilarious challenge requested by Corden.

Got Each Other's Backs

Living life in the spotlight can be tough at times, but Lopez and Remini have along the way.

When Remini made the decision to leave the Church of Scientology in 2015, she told PEOPLE that "[Lopez] doesn't judge." Remini said, "She told me to keep the good things and move on with love."

Opposites Attract

Though the two both know how to rock a red carpet, Lopez and Remini's fashion choices differ on their days off.


The alum on comparing her casual outfit to the singer's glamorous poolside getup.

After jokingly calling her gal pal "so annoying," Remini proceeded to playfully tackle Lopez to the ground as the two both bursted into laughter.

Say Cheese!

What's a birthday party without a photo booth? Remini threw a star-studded bash in celebration of her 51st birthday, and posted a video compilation to her Instagram of the party highlights.

Within the roundup, you can see a of Remini with Lopez and her boyfriend, .


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