PEOPLE Puzzler Is the Ultimate Pop Culture Game Show, Hosted By Leah Remini

has taken by storm!

The -hosted competition series puts three contestants' pop culture knowledge to the test as they face off to rack up points by solving crossword puzzles — just like those in PEOPLE's weekly issues.

The player who has the most points after three rounds then moves on to the Fast Puzzle Bonus Round, where they have the opportunity to win $10,000.

In a promo for the show, Remini, 50, tells viewers that is "the most game show ever."

"Yes, play-alongable. I said it," she insists of the made-up (yet fitting) term.

In the fun promo, contestants are given clues like, " spells it out in song" (answer: "RESPECT") and " was a runaway one" (answer: "BRIDE").

"Apologetic board game," Remini says in another hint, which a contestant expertly solves: "Sorry!"

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, which consists of half-hour episodes, is produced by and Start Entertainment. Scott St. John and Neal Konstantini serve as executive producers of the show, alongside Jeff Krask.

All past episodes are available to watch on — including a free one!

airs weekdays at 6 p.m. ET on .

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