Are Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Now “Too Toxic” To Work With?


It’s not a secret that Prince Harry and Meghan are scratching at the surface to get new deals, whereas just three years ago, they were Hollywood’s hot cakes.

Now, all that intense excitement to work with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have all but died down, and they’re left trying to win more deals.

While some believe it’s only a matter of time before the couple make a big comeback, others think their brand is fizzling out.

Harry and Meghan’s Hollywood dreams haven’t come coming as easy for them as they might have hoped.


Celebrity PR Firm Director Questions Harry And Meghan’s Hollywood Longevity

When Harry and Meghan left the royal family, their controversial exit gave rise to a media storm. To further prove their place in Hollywood, they did multiple interviews, several of them throwing deep accusations at the Royal Family, and we’re yet to see the receipts their mouthpieces promised us.

Harry accused his family of Meghan cried and they both wailed

This all meant that they were powering up their brand to become the latest royal family gossips in Hollywood. However, when they tried to rebrand and shift away from producing royal family content, things started happening.


director of celebrity PR firm Borne Media, Denise Palmer-Davies, said.

Meghan Markle “Struggling” To Understand Why She’s So Unpopular

Most of the projects Meghan is attached to in recent days turn out to be rumors. Does it mean that Hollywood’s turning their backs on the once sought-after couple?

Sarah Hewson, Talk TV’s royal editor, seems to think so.

Their split from Spotify was especially not as amicable as they would have liked, with a top

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