Week-by-Week Guide: Early Pregnancy Symptoms During the First Trimester | Heather Fern


The article titled "First Trimester Symptoms Week by Week" discusses the various symptoms that women may experience during the first trimester of pregnancy. The author, Heather Fern, provides a week-by-week breakdown of the common symptoms that pregnant women may encounter during this period.

During the first week of pregnancy, the article suggests that many women may not experience any noticeable symptoms, as it is still early in the pregnancy. However, some women may notice slight changes in their body, such as breast tenderness or mood swings.

Moving on to the second week, Fern explains that symptoms may still be minimal, but some women may start to feel fatigue or experience minor cramping. This is also the week when the embryo implants itself into the uterus, which can cause very light spotting for some women.


By the third week, the article notes that women may start to experience more noticeable symptoms such as increased urination, breast enlargement, and possible food cravings or aversions. This is also the week when the placenta begins to form.

As the fourth week approaches, Fern mentions that many women will start to feel more tired than usual and may even experience nausea, commonly referred to as morning sickness. This is also the time when missed periods become more apparent, leading women to suspect that they may be pregnant.

According to the article, by the fifth week, morning sickness may become more intense for some women, and they may also notice an increased sensitivity to certain smells. Additionally, some women may experience mood swings or heightened emotions during this time.


Moving on to the sixth week, the article explains that pregnant women may experience more frequent urination due to the growing uterus putting pressure on the bladder. Nausea and fatigue may continue to be prominent symptoms, and some women may also experience headaches or dizziness.

By the seventh week, Fern suggests that morning sickness may peak for many women, with some experiencing vomiting in addition to nausea. Additionally, some women may notice changes in their skin, such as acne breakouts or skin darkening.

The eighth week brings about an increase in breast tenderness, as well as the possible appearance of small bumps around the nipples called Montgomery tubercles. This is also the time when many women may start to show signs of weight gain.


Finally, as the ninth week approaches, the article explains that women may start to feel more energized and less nauseous. However, some women may still experience morning sickness as their bodies continue to adjust to pregnancy.

In summary, Fern's article provides a week-by-week breakdown of the common symptoms women may experience during the first trimester of pregnancy. From minimal symptoms in the early weeks to increasing fatigue, nausea, and breast changes, this article aims to give women a better understanding of what to expect during this crucial period of pregnancy.


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