Pregnancy Progress: Cerclage Surgery, Growth Scan, and Symptoms in the Second Trimester Update

In this article, Heather Fern provides an update on her second trimester of pregnancy. She discusses several important aspects, including undergoing a cerclage surgery, receiving a growth scan, and experiencing various symptoms.

Heather begins by sharing her experience with undergoing a cerclage surgery. She explains that this procedure involves stitching the cervix closed to prevent premature labor. Heather underwent this surgery due to having a short cervix, which puts her at a higher risk for preterm birth. Although the surgery was nerve-wracking, she is grateful to have taken this precautionary step to ensure the health and safety of her baby.

The next topic Heather discusses is the growth scan she received during her second trimester. This scan is a routine procedure that allows doctors to measure the baby's growth and monitor its overall health. Heather explains that her baby is growing perfectly on track, which brings her great relief and joy. She also mentions how amazing it is to see the baby's features more clearly on the ultrasound and to witness its movements.

Heather then moves on to discussing the symptoms she has been experiencing during her second trimester. She admits that while this trimester is often referred to as the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy, it hasn't been entirely smooth sailing for her. Heather has been dealing with severe pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, causing her hands and fingers to go numb. She explains how this has made everyday tasks more challenging, but she remains optimistic and tries to find ways to alleviate the discomfort.

Additionally, Heather talks about struggling with sleep issues during this trimester. She mentions how her growing belly makes it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, leading to restless nights. Despite this, she acknowledges the importance of rest and tries different techniques to improve her sleep quality.

To conclude her update, Heather expresses her gratitude for reaching the halfway mark of her pregnancy. She reflects on the ups and downs she has experienced thus far and remains hopeful for a smooth and healthy remainder of her pregnancy journey.

Overall, Heather Fern's second trimester update covers her experience with cerclage surgery, a growth scan, and the symptoms she has encountered. She emphasizes the significance of taking necessary precautions to ensure her baby's well-being while dealing with the challenges that come with pregnancy. Through it all, Heather remains thankful and optimistic as she continues on her journey towards motherhood.

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