Ellen's Tenth Spooky Spectacle: Sofía Vergara and Jane Lynch Unleash Halloween (Full Episode)

Ellen's Season 10 Halloween episode featured guests Sofía Vergara and Jane Lynch. The show was filled with spooky surprises and hilarious moments, as Ellen and her guests embraced the Halloween spirit.

The article begins by highlighting the star-studded lineup of the episode, with actress Sofía Vergara and comedienne Jane Lynch joining Ellen DeGeneres on the show. The trio immediately set the tone for a fun-filled Halloween celebration.

The episode opens with Ellen revealing her impressive outfit - a hilarious tribute to the popular movie character, Sofia Petrillo, from the classic sitcom The Golden Girls. The audience bursts into laughter and applause at Ellen's impressive costume.

The first guest to join Ellen on stage is the beautiful Sofía Vergara, known for her role in the hit TV series Modern Family. Sofía also embraced the Halloween theme by dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein, complete with a white wig and eerie makeup. The duo engages in lighthearted banter, with Ellen joking about Sofía's accent and her character's extravagant wardrobe on Modern Family.

Next, Jane Lynch makes her grand entrance, dressed as the iconic Cruella de Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmations. Jane's portrayal of the villainous character is spot-on and receives a loud round of applause from the audience.

Throughout the episode, various Halloween surprises keep the energy high. Ellen plays a game with Sofía and Jane called "Celebrity Zombie Apocalypse," where they have to guess the celebrity they are paired with based on zombie-inspired photos. The game leads to many hilarious and amusing moments, with Sofía and Jane showing off their quick wit and humor.

Additionally, Ellen surprises her guests with a haunted house experience in the studio. The trio must navigate through dark hallways, chilling encounters, and jump scares, all captured on camera. The haunted house excursion leads to plenty of screams and laughter, as the guests and audience members thoroughly enjoy the spooky adventure.

Closing the show, the audience is treated to a dance-off between Ellen, Sofía, and Jane. Each dances to their own selected Halloween-themed song, showcasing their impressive moves and adding an entertaining end to the episode.

In summary, Ellen's Season 10 Halloween episode featuring Sofía Vergara and Jane Lynch was a thrilling and hilarious celebration of the spooky holiday. From Ellen's comedic costume to the entertaining banter and games with her guests, the show successfully embraced the Halloween spirit while delivering laughter and surprises to its audience.

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